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Appreciation Night 2017

Our annual event recently took place and was hosted by John Ross Robertson PS. Chris Rzepa, the principal, welcomed us and our guests to a wonderful evening of food,  [Read More]

Who Turned the Lights On?

One of our former PGB students has shown such courage and determination in sharing her “awaking” with others. Tess, we are so proud of your self discovery and we  [Read More]

Inspiring Minds Want to Know

What inspires you? Is it someone? Is it somewhere? Or is it something? As a teacher, I hope I inspire. As a Project Give Back teacher, I am constantly  [Read More]

Who Can It Be Now?

You never know who might just show up to a Project Give Back class! Cameo appearances are always appreciated; whether it’s watching an episode of SNL or spotting that  [Read More]

Mum’s the Word

Shhhhhhhhhh……..the secret is out! Project Give Back manages to make an impact not only on our students, but their families as well. Over the years, many mothers have kindly  [Read More]

A True Role Model

With Project Give back we are pretty fortunate to come across some incredible people. Whether they are our students, teachers, family members or charity liaisons, not a day goes  [Read More]

It’s the time of the season!

It’s that time of year again; a time to reflect on the past year, and a time to contemplate and appreciate all our blessings. ┬áIt’s also the time to  [Read More]

Sponsor Appreciation Night 2016

One of our favourite nights of the year occurred this past week. Our Sponsor Appreciation Night has become an annual event to share and celebrate some highlights from our  [Read More]

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