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Project Give Back is a passion based program designed for elementary students to develop empathy, build character, and ignite community minded citizens.

It’s amazing what can happen when children have passion,
belief in themselves and a feeling of accomplishment.


Project Give back was started in 2008, when Ellen realized that the program she was running in her grade 4 classroom was having such an incredible impact on the children who participated. She needed to spread this lesson to more schools and offer this inspiring lesson to more children.

Reaching out to schools to pilot the program, Ellen tweaked the program to ensure that each child would have an optimal experience. With the incredible feedback that she got, Ellen enlisted more teachers and more schools and the program has continued to grow. Now in its seventh year there are thousands of children who have experienced the Project Give Back journey and continue to develop a meaningful relationship with their community.

Project Give Back is an individualized curriculum based program aimed to enhance responsibility and develop a deep seated feeling in one’s self to make a difference in the lives of others.

This program follows Ministry specific guidelines geared to enhance the grade 4/5 Language Arts Program.

Guest speakers will visit each classroom. These special visitors are children who are making a difference in our world. Each student will be featured on the Wall of Fame titled “Kidspiration”.


Part 1 – Research Paper and Presentation

Students will:

  • choose a charity of their choice
  • look up the telephone number of the charity and personally call the organization
  • learn the proper etiquette involved in making a telephone call
  • role play and practice many forms of leaving a message
  • ask these organizations for information including pamphlets, posters, gift cards or anything that will enhance the project
  • learn how to simplify complex information and write answers to specific questions in their own words
  • prepare a written and oral report
  • create a two minute oral presentation (one lesson is specifically focused on presentation skills)
  • construct an eye-catching, creative, and factual display


Part 2 – Planning and Implementing a FUNraiser

Students will:

  • plan an activity that they will organize, implement, and oversee
  • submit a written outline sharing all details of the event, including set up and tear down
  • create an invitation with all pertinent information
  • utilize problem solving skills to avoid any possible conflicts
  • critique each event to discuss the triumphs and lessons learned
  • each FUNraiser will last ten minutes and will take place in class
  • ideas for FUNraisers may include a dance-a-thon, trivia game, interactive games, sing-a-thon, a talent show or whatever the child creates


Part 3 – Business Letter and Response

Students will:

  • compose a proper business letter addressed to their charity explaining the entire project
  • create a thank you letter specifically designed for each charity
  • share all thank you letters or any acknowledgements
  • each letter will be accompanied by pictures of the display and posters


I know that this project will enrich all of our lives as we watch our children learn and develop a passion for helping others who are not as fortunate and thereby develop feelings of self worth, responsibility, confidence and accomplishment. I am certain that this will be a successful challenge for all.
Mrs. Ellen Schwartz

What grade is it for?
The program is run in grade four or five or six.

How long does the program run?
The program runs once a week starting in October and finishing in May.

Do I have to ask people for money?
No. Students raise awareness and share information about their cause. The curriculum is designed to teach valuable communication and leadership skills as well as create an environment where students can demonstrate sensitivity and understanding of each child’s unique circumstances. Donating to the cause is completely optional.